Viessmann Vitorond
Riello Oil Burner,
Honeywell Outdoor Reset,
Honeywell Wireless Thermostats
Viessmann Vitola
Vitoflame Oil Burner,
Vitotronic Boiler Control,
Mega-Stor Indirect Water Heater
Viessmann Vitorond-100
High Efficiency Triple Pass
Oil Boiler
New Yorker Oil Boiler
w/Standard Steel Oil Tank
This is the first central heating system
this house has had since 1928.
New Yorker Oil Boiler
w/Standard Steel Oil Tank
The house was heated with wood
New Yorker Oil Boiler
w/Standard Steel Oil Tank
Oil tank, Boiler and all new
baseboard radiation.


Munchkin Gas Boiler
Munchkin Gas Boiler
Munchkin Gas Boiler



Natural Gas Boiler
Eco-Guard Double
Bottomed Oil Tank
Roth Double Walled 110% Containment Oil Tank 




Trio Triple-Pass Oil Boiler
Electric to Oil Conversion
Electric to Oil Conversion
Solaia Triple Pass Boiler w/ Mega-Stor Indirect


New Yorker Single Pass Oil Fired Boiler
Fujitsu Heat Pump Outdoor
Condensing Unit
Fujitsu Indoor Head, 7,000 BTUs
Burnham Mega-Steam Boiler





photo 2
 How can you prevent your equipment from sooting up like this? First and foremost, always have your annual maintenance performed...every year!!! In this case, Make-Up Air, or Combustion Air, was needed to supply the equipment with the proper amount of air for complete combustion.



photo 1
This unit did not have its' annual maintenance performed for two years. Not only that, but it was located in a 6' x 8' room, with a dryer! This is the perfect example of too many appliances and not enough air. (This is why combustion air needed to be added).
Retrotec Blower Door Used for Energy Assessments



IMG 5464

Fujitsu Ductless Split Heat Pump
Outdoor View - Painted Line Hides

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