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CHIF Connecticut Housing Investment Fund State Of Connecticut Energy Loan Program


#800-992-3665 x 2019

Matt or Lisa

This loan is offered thru the State of Connecticut with a maximum loan amount of

$25,000 at an interest rate of 7.99% fixed for a term of 10 years.

Home Solutions Program

Energy Conservation Loan-eligible for furnace replacement

Minimum funding per dwelling unit is $400 with a maximum per dwelling unit of $2,000

and is not to exceed $6,000 per structure.

A low interest rate loan with five-year repayment term is available for financial


Energy Assistance Program

All income brackets can benefit, call 860-560-5800 to apply and learn more about this

and the Weatherization Program. Don’t forget, to find out about Assistance Programs,

always start with the action agency in your town. TVCCA & The Access Agency are just

two listed below!

Don’t forget your local town!

Lots of towns offer services to their residents for funding. Give a call and see if yours

does! Guidelines may apply.

For example:


Operation Fuel thru the State of Connecticut

Connecticut seniors unable to pay their heating bills may be eligible for aid from state

funded programs. Seniors can call the 2-1-1 Info line for details & receive a simple &

confidential assessment of their circumstances and needs.

TVCCA/Access Agency

TVCCA is a program designed for fuel oil assistance, service calls, and annual

maintenance, while the Access Agency is designed for the replacement of equipment. In

order to perform any work, a written authorization MUST be presented beforehand.

Please contact TVCCA directly at 860-425-6552 or the Access Agency at 860-450-7439.

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