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We understand how brutal a New England winter can be, and how unforgivingly hot and humid it can get in the summer. That’s why you need R&W to ensure both your heating and cooling systems are in excellent working order every season. 

With our 24 hour on call service for contracted clients, free estimates, and decades of experience in the Heating & Cooling industry, we offer you peace of mind all year round.

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Take Care of the Air You Breathe

The inside of your home may seem clean, but harmful contaminants, like bacteria, smoke, dust mites, pollen, and chemicals invisibly fill the air. According to the EPA, the air inside your home can be 70 – 100 times more polluted than the air outside.

Your heating system circulates that dirty air approximately 50 – 75 times per day, which creates a breeding ground for all kinds of airborne particulates such as mold, germs, and odors. For more information or to receive a brochure with pricing, please contact our office

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Maintenance Plans

As a a family owned business, we understand more than anyone how important budgeting and convenience is to your family.

Keeping up with regular maintenance on your heating & cooling systems is essential to the efficiency and longevity of your equipment. Give you and your family peace of mind knowing that your home systems are inspected, serviced, and running their best every season. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the key to an efficient heating system?

According to the Department of Energy, it is regular furnace maintenance, inspection of equipment, replacement of dirty filters, and correction of improper settings.  All these things can make a HUGE difference in how efficiently your equipment will perform for you.  The age of your equipment can adversely affect its energy efficiency.  It is recommended that a furnace is due for replacement if it is 15 or more years old; such furnaces are only about 65-70% efficient.

How do I know what size A/C unit I need for my home?

The most accurate way to figure out exactly what size unit need for your home is to have a qualified contractor perform a load calculation test.

What is the SEER rating system?

SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating-every A/C unit has a rating, the higher this number, the less costly the unit is to operate. The actual efficiency rating for a specific system will depend on the combination of the outdoor unit, the indoor coil, and the size of the system.

Why should I have my equipment serviced every year?

Annual maintenance should be performed every year not only to keep equipment running at peak efficiency, but also to prevent the breakdown of equipment, and to catch small problems before they become expensive repairs-or beyond repair.

What is the best time of year to have my furnace cleaned?

March 1st through August 1st is the optimal time for annual maintenance.  Having a cleaning done in this time period is best to avoid the pre-season rush, long schedule waits, and to allow plenty of time to make any necessary repairs before the winter heating season gets into full swing.

What should I check prior to calling for service?

Before requesting a service call, be sure there is oil in the tank, the emergency switch is in the ON position (usually located at the top of basement stairs), check your thermostat, electric switches, press the reset button, examine fuses, and check the water level in your boiler.

What’s worth fixing and what should be replaced?

If your existing system is more than 15 years old, it’s really not worth performing any major repairs.  When faced with this question, compare the cost of the repair and the lack of efficiency of the current unit with the benefits of a new, high efficiency unit.

How can I identify the reasons for my high utility and energy costs?

By having a Whole House Comfort Checkup done, a qualified technician will be able to pinpoint areas of leakage, lack of insulation, and poor ventilation in your home with a variety of tests.  Once these areas have been brought to your attention, simple fixes – some do-it-yourself – will help reduce utility and energy expenses.

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