HVAC Equipment – What is the Life Expectancy? – Part 1 – Gas

I’d wager if you ask three different people, you’ll get three totally different answers.  I guess that means the answer may be dependent on some variables.

With modern, high efficiency gas equipment, the lifespan very often – perhaps too often – is ten years.  In some cases, even less!  How can that be possible, you might wonder?  Well, the proper installation, a qualified installer – and one who will be around in the future for service – is probably just as, if not more important than the brand of the unit, the model, the warranty, the projected efficiency rating, or any other technical factor.

Just this month we were called to work on a four-year-old, high efficiency, gas condensing boiler that the customer has had extensive issues with for the last year or so.  They have had several companies out to look at the system, to no avail.  The customer is new to the home, and not the original purchaser, so the system no longer has any warranty.   After sending our technicians out to perform over $600.00 worth of repairs, the unit is now making hot water, but not heat.  While we feel confident of what the unit needs, it will most likely add another $1,000.00 to the repair.  Is it worth it?

Oh, and did I mention that this model boiler has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and calls placed to tech support have still not been returned as of the time of this article…??

The likelihood of parts being available for any future service will only grow slimmer, and how much sense does it make to continue throwing money into a black hole, if ultimately the only solution remaining will be to replace it?

Remember, penny-wise, dollar-foolish; pay for it now, or pay for it later.  Do your homework!  While keeping on track with your budget is absolutely important, purchasing the cheapest unit that comes with the cheapest installation can cost you in the long run!

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