Are You a Difficult Customer…? – The Pink Hat

Are you a difficult customer?  Apparently, I am!  It seems I have some difficulty in hiring someone to do for me whatever their expertise is supposed to be.  Have you been there?

Let me elaborate; If you sell pink hats, and I call you regarding information on these pink hats, perhaps even with the intent to buy one, that means I’m trying to get something I’d like or need, that you sell.  (Presumably to make your living).

Are my expectations too high to hope for:

A person to actually answer the phone?  This person to be informed about the pink hat – their uses, advantages, and disadvantages, etc.?

A reasonable ballpark of what they might cost?  I certainly don’t expect a commitment or exact cost right away, but it would be helpful to know if my budget allows for, or what I am willing and capable of spending, is realistic.  If I have $200.00, and the pink hats start selling at $600.00, it is most likely a waste of both my, and your, time.

Guidance through my purchase?  If my purpose for buying the pink hat is to keep me dry, but the pink hat is only made in straw, maybe I should consider your yellow hat – made of rubber.  Remember, you’re the expert on your products – this is where your know-how comes into play, and ultimately, this is what I’m really buying!

Service after the sale?  What happened to answering my call and receiving the same professionalism, after I’ve paid as I received before signing the check.  If for any reason the pink hat doesn’t meet my needs or expectations after I purchase it, help me solve the issue – not avoid my calls.  If my head is getting wet and you did your job up front when you recommended the waterproof yellow hat instead of the pink hat, and I still opted for the pink hat…well, then that’s my bad!  Perhaps to go out on a limb, there may also be a reminder sent out to me that before each rainy season, I should treat my new yellow hat – or before each summer, I should treat my pink straw hat!

Maybe what I’m really saying here, is that customer service might just be what sets apart a truly difficult customer from someone who believes in the entire customer service experience – from the initial phone call, through and (beyond) the completed purchase.

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